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Regular Track Meets occur on Saturdays beginning at 8:30 am and will usually run until 2:00 pm, this is only an estimate for a finish time and they can run longer. Our home meets are at Agoura High School and our away meets are at the venues ascribed by the home team. We will usually provide a link to the away meet venue at the bottom of our website. Regular meets will stage their events and age divisions the same for each event so once you have seen one you can gauge future meets. More detail is in the Parent & Athlete Handbook in addition to etiquette, equipment, standards, etc. The Invitational Meet is usually two days and occurs in the middle of the season. Our conference’s Invitational event is a two day meet and usually is organized such that similar events are split up over a Saturday and Sunday i.e. the 3000 and 1500 attract the same competitors so these are events are split up. The Invitational also differs in that there are semi final heats and then a final heat. Usually the semi finals are on Saturdays and the final heat is on Sunday. At the end of the season there are the Junior Varsity and Varsity meets. In order to make it to Varsity you must have achieved a qualifying mark. Junior Varsity is open to all athletes who have not achieved a qualifying mark.

Although track meets are long it is not necessary to stay the entire time. An athlete can choose to run events early in the day or later in the day. Ask your division head coach or a specialty coach to get a time estimate for arrival. For home meets you are able to do an event early in the morning, leave to attend to another event, and make it back to catch later events.

It is important to arrive early to an event; pick event tags, warm-up and staging for each event will take about 30 to 45 minutes.. If you hear an event is going to start at 10 am then you should be on the field by 9:30… not just arriving in the parking lot. Track clubs are large organizations; with two large clubs at a meet  having 400 to 500 athletes combined and therefore 300 to 400 families all looking for parking will be disrupt your just in time plans… plan your arrival accordingly.

It is important for the athletes to come prepared with water, snacks, jackets, sunscreen, track shoes, etc. to the track meet. There is more detail about what your young athlete is expected to do in Meet Prep.

Prior to the meet your athlete should have signed up for an event. In the first half of the season they are welcome to select any events they want to; they should practice what they want to compete in. Your child’s coaches are available to recommend events based upon your child’s practice habits and development. If you were not able to sign up you can still attend a regular meet. Just show up at the meet and the coach will work you in. Same thing applies In the later half of the season we recommend against starting hurdles, high jump and possibly the 3000M run due to the specialty coaches  progressing with certain techniques in these events; a beginner at this stage may not be able to complete the more rigorous training techniques.

The events are grouped by age divisions. Within divisions they are segmented into heats with runners of similar speed; the theory being that heats of competitors that are close in ability will compete harder than if they are in a group that is much slower or faster. The field events are segmented into flights and this may be done by ability or a first arrival basis.  The most important aspect of a race is not the place your child places but in the improvement from week to week. This is improvement is called a Personal Record or PR for short (some clubs use Personal Best). It is intended to promote process driven workout that shows practice and diligent effort are rewarded.

For first time track families there are always many questions about track meets, your division head coach will try to address these before the track meets through email so please check the coaches contact page for their email that they will be sending out. The coaches may have a little time before and after practice but the best way to get through to them is by email.

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